Our Team

Together, the Fund’s Staff and Board of Directors possess a diverse range of professional expertise and experience from the fields of public health, medicine, development and fundraising, finance, business, and program management.

Executive Team

Sara Gardner, MPH

Executive Director

P 646.710.4840

Donna Fishman, MPA

Deputy Director

P 646.710.4839

Amy Dixon, MS

Director of Finance & Operations

P 646.710.4834

Aviva Goldstein, MPA

Director of Development

P 646.710.4853

Board of Directors

Mary T. Bassett, MD, MPH

Board President & Chair (ex-officio)

Gary Belkin, MD, PhD, MPH


Jessica Borowick, JD

Pamela Brier, MPH


Bunny Ellerin, MBA

Michael Gargano, JD

Chris Stern Hyman, JD

Board Secretary

Karen Kochevar

Paul Maddon, MD, PhD

Pascaline Servan-Schreiber, MBA


Rebecca Adeskavitz, MPH, MPA

Grant Manager

P 646.710.4850

Kim Belk, MPA

Grant Manager

P 646.710.4855

Alexandra Bell, MS

Communications Manager

P 646.710.4837

Carly Cirangle

Human Resources Associate

P 646.710.4842

Steve Dennis

Senior Grant Financial Analyst

P 646.710.4868

Rehanna Garib

Financial Analyst

P 646.710.4854

Amy Hisiger, MSW, MA

Grant Manager

P 646.710.4846

Helen Hoffman, MA, SPHR

Director of Human Resources

P 646.710.4844

Hye Won Lee, MPH

Assistant Director of Special Projects

P 646.710.4857

Keisha Lugay, MPH

Senior Grant Manager

P 646.710.4838

Gemma Martinelli, MPA

Development Associate

P 646.710.4847

Agnieszka Niebrzydowska, MPA

Financial Analyst

P 646.710.4835

Femi Olabisi, MBA

Assistant Director of Finance

P 646.710.4841

Richard Ray


P 646.710.4851

Irene Scott

Office Manager

P 646.710.4852

Ashley Siegel, JD

Legal/Contract Counsel

P 646.710.4848

Megann Strajcher, MPA

Assistant Director of Grants Administration

P 646.710.4856

Melissa Stewart

Grant Associate

P 646.710.4849

Kathryn Waller, MPA

Development Associate

P 646.710.4865

Casey Molloy

Administrative Assistant

P 646.710.4870

Jasmine Wrenn, MS

Senior Grant Manager

P 646.710.4843

Sin Yee Yuen

Human Resources Generalist

P 646.710.4859